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The Fuller House Livingroom Set

 The Cast Show Off:

  • Jodie Sweetin has an outstanding singing voice that she shows off on more than one occasion. Stephanie ends up trying to build a music career, facilitating more and more singing.
  • The show is also fond of having everyone dance, with the main characters showing their stuff. Ramona specifically gets a number of moments to show off because Soni Nicole Bringas is a dancer in real life.
  • Since Candace Cameron-Bure has a love for fitness, she decided to do real hands-on wrestling in episode 6 instead of having a stuntwoman do it.

 Channel Hop

  • While Full House aired on ABC, Fuller House is streaming on Netflix.
  • While the Japanese dub of it's prequel series aired on NHK, it's also streaming on Netflix Japan, although this could well be inverted since Time-Warner has struck a deal to allow NHK to also air Fuller House alongside it streaming on Netflix in the future.

 Fake Brit:

  • When Stephanie first appears, she puts on a distinct English accent picked up from traveling abroad as a DJ that is the butt of several jokes. For some inexplicable reason, she loses the accent immediately when she winds up saying her "How rude!" Catch Phrase, and it's never seen again.

 Multiple Languages, Same Voice Actor:

  • Beginning in season 2, the Argentine-born Juan Pablo di Pace is dubbing himself as Fernando in both Spanish dubs (Latin American and Castilian). It helps that Fuller House is dubbed in his native Argentina.

 Name's the Same:

  • Stephanie's professional name as a DJ is...DJ Tanner. Her sister is not amused.
  • In a season 2 episode, DJ and Stephanie crash the wedding of Colleen O'Shaughnessy. No, not the voice actress.
  • An episode of the original show was also called "Fuller House." In that case, it was about Jesse almost moving out after marrying Becky.

 Reality Subtext:

  • When Danny lets DJ stay at his house for as long as she needs, Jesse asks him if he's sure about it, and if he knows how much the house is worth now. That's a nod to the fact that, since the late 90s, San Francisco has infamously become one of the most expensive cities to live in America - a San Franciscan real estate agent estimated the Tanner household could easily sell for around $3.0 to $3.5 million!

 Role Reprisal:

  • Most of the cast, including minor characters, return to play their original roles. The only exceptions are Michelle, Harry Takayama, and Nelson. Most notably is the case of Andrea Barber returning as Kimmy, since she stopped acting before signing up to the reunion show.

           Dub examples:

  • ​Surprisingly enough, in the Japanese dub almost all the voice actors from the previous series reprised their roles. Keep in mind the original series debuted in Japan from 1993 to 1997, a 19 years break between the end of Full House and this one.
  • The same with the European Spanish dub. Although not that surprising considering the original show had a cult following in Spain.

 Separated-at-Birth Casting: 

  • A holdover from the original show, Jodie Sweetin and Candace Cameron-Bure look uncannily like sisters. Michael Campion and Elias Harger (Jackson and Max respectively) also look a lot like brothers. Soni Nicole Bringas also looks like she could definitely be related to Andrea Barber and Juan Pablo Di Pace- if the two got married.

 Actor Allusion

  • Uncle Jesse's new job is main composer for General Hospital. John Stamos started his acting career playing Blackie Parrish on that show. Lampshaded with Uncle Jesse complimenting the show on its choice of actors.
  • DJ states she learned to dance from Dancing with the Stars. Candace Cameron Bure was a contestant on the show's 18th season. And, in fact, the guy she was dancing with was Maksim, who competed on the same season as her.
  • It might be coincidental, but Stephanie tells a story about being a drunken bridesmaid (at Kimmy's wedding). One well-known tabloid story involves Jodie Sweetin being quite drunk at Candace Cameron Bure's wedding.
  • Another potential coincidence is that this series draws upon Ashley Olsen's middle name, Fuller.
  • Michelle is said to be in New York building a fashion career; once Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen reached adulthood, they pulled away from acting to develop their own clothing line and attend New York University.
  • DJ says when choosing a show to watch, always go with The View. Candace Cameron Bure was a host on The Viewfrom August 2015 to December 2016, the same week season 2 of Fuller House was released.
  • Nelson is not the first character played by Jason Marsden to be recast with Hal Sparks.

 The Other Darrin:

  • The show overall took great pains to bring back the original cast even those that played minor characters. However, there have been a few exceptions, which necessitated this trope:
  • In a season one episode Stephanie calls an old friend from the original series, Harry Takayama, who had a pretend marriage ceremony and she affectionately calls him her "husband." The original child actor, Nathan Nishiguchi, has retired and the part was recasted with Michael Sun Lee.
  • In the second season High School Reunion episode Nelson, played by Jason Marsden in the original show, is recasted with Hal Sparks due to a scheduling conflict, whereas Viper and Duane are played by the same actors.
  • In the Japanese dub, the only (so far and obvious) replacement are the Katsopolis twins, who were voiced by Satomi Koorogi in Full House and now they're voiced by Atsushi Abe instead here. Of course, given that the twins were children in Full House and are now adults in this series, the change is understandable.
  • The Latin American dub suffered a brutal voice acting change, as the original series was dubbed in Mexico, and in this series, the dub was recorded at Argentina's Polaco Art Studio instead, completely ignoring everything used in the Mexican dub.
  • The European Spanish dub, on the other hand, stayed in Madrid and kept almost all of the roles. The only two exceptions were Stephanie (whose original voice actress passed away) and Kimmy. However, their replacements are two of the most respected and well-known voice actresses in the country: Marta Barbarà and Graciela Molina (both from Barcelona), respectively.
  • Funnily enough, Fernando, who in Season 1 was dubbed by veteran Spaniard voice actor Roberto Encinas in the European Spanish dub and Sebastián Castro in the Latin American Spanish dub, in Season 2 he started to be voiced by... Juan Pablo Di Pace, dubbing himself in both versions.
  • The French dub went and replaced everyone except Olivier Destrez as John Stamos.
  • Brazil had it pretty bad, as the dub changed cities from Rio de Janeiro to São Paulo. Curiously, Bob Saget is voiced by Tatá Guarnieri in Fuller, and by his son Caio in the final seasons of Full House.

 What Could Have Been:

  • It was rumored that after the Olsen Twins declined to be in the reunion show, the producers considered asking Elizabeth Olsen to play Michelle. Rumor states that her agent immediately refused and Elizabeth never knew about it.

The Fuller House Kitchen Set


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